"This is so awesome! This is the best "unplugged" keyboarding program out there for young students! I love how the letters are lowercase to learn on. This is great for K-2 students to practice on before going onto the big keyboard!"

— Elementary Computer Lab Teacher, Utah Public Schools

"We have been working off and on with the PreKeys poke pads since February and I am happy to report that today [May 29, 2019] we had the following results with our Kindergarten classes:

"In the AM class, 16 of the 24 students were able to log in to Imagine Learning using the keyboard with no help! In the PM class, 14 of the 23 students were able to log in to Imagine Learning using the keyboard with no help! Those students that needed help only required a minimal amount (finding their Login ID, locating letters on the keyboard).

"I will be working closely with our Kindergarten teacher to start the program earlier in the school year. Hopefully by mid-year next year we can have the new class of students signing in on their own!"

—  Computer Lab Specialist, suburban Utah Charter School

"Great way to get kids thinking about and improving their keyboarding skills!"

—  Social Worker, urban Utah​

 “We use Pre-Keys in our pre-school program and kindergarten through third grade classes with great success. The students are able to type, using the correct finger placement at a faster speed after completing the basic course.”

— School Principal, rural Illinois

“I wish all elementary schools would use this program and prepare the next generation to be able to type with more than their index fingers or text with their thumbs. I feel like with this program my son has an advantage over the other students and wish they could join in being as successful as he has been. Thanks,Doc Frog!”

—   Soccer Dad, suburban Utah

“My sixth grade daughter was not progressing with her typing skills and had picked up a lot of bad habits. After just 3 weeks of working with this program she increased her speed and accuracy by 12 words-per-minute. She was so excited with the progress and is excited to continue learning and increasing her typing skills. The activities work the mind as well as the hands and she is having fun while learning."

—  Soccer Mom, suburban Utah

“The typing programs I had when I was in elementary school were really boring and I did not learn anything. In fact, I could not really type until high school when I just had to teach myself.”

— Preservice Teacher, College of Education