• Dr Bill Morgan

Keyboarding on the Border

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

While watching the politicians haggle over how to treat illegal immigrants without separating children from the parents, I began paying attention to the holding cells, described as cages, that are being used to "house" people who are trying to enter the United States. Aside from the legal battle I'm wondering how much of a chance these people will have in Northern America without mastering the English language. I'm thinking of ways to integrate computer literacy with English Language Learning.

I'm looking for board members for the Institute for the Keyboarding Arts, a nonprofit organization. These board members will advise me, also help with fund raising and partnering with existing nonprofits that are already serving the needs of immigrants and refugees. Those entering the country need to compete with digital natives!

Please contact me, Dr. Bill Morgan, at (801) 946-4085, to volunteer yourself or someone you know to serve as a board member.

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