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At what age should we introduce keyboarding skills?

This question might be answered by the parents of piano students. Weekly I go into the homes of my students and teach them on their own pianos. Parents are often listening in the next room, watching in the same room, even waiting their turn to practice what their kids are learning.


In families with multiple students I give a 30 minute lesson to the oldest child, a 20 minute lesson to the middle child, and a 10 minute lessson to the youngest child. The parents pay me for an hour of instruction.


How old are the youngest? As soon as they show an interest I pay attention with a smile and a wave. Before they can sit on the bench to bang on the piano keys I start them with a large, battery powered plastic keyboard. I point out to them the black and white keys. We sing songs about left and right hands, then Where is Pinky?


In my quarterly piano lessons I like to feature the four and five year olds that are learning to play simple tunes with one finger at a time, not pounding with their fists.


Can we do the same with computer keyboards? We can and we do!


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My suggestion is that parents read from the PreKeys story book for ten minutes per day, before or after piano practice.


Dr. Bill Morgan, Ph.D.

Keyboarding Arts, Utah

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