• Dr Bill Morgan

Are you a Keyboarding Artist?

Updated: Dec 24, 2020

I am constantly thinking about the definition of a Keyboarding Artist. Do you transform black ink on a white page into words and sentences? I do when I read alone or aloud. In fact, a well written book, whether online or in print, will transport the reader into alternative worlds and time periods.

When I play classical music on a piano I am transforming black ink notes on a white page, written by a composer hundreds of years ago, into melodies, chords and rhythms that evoke emotions and mental images. I do this alone or for a live audience.

Both authors and composers have left their thoughts and feelings in a form that readers and performers can interpret. I play the role of a Keyboarding Artist when I use a computer keyboard to write my thoughts and feelings, whether fact or fiction, for an audience. When I use a piano keyboard to interpret music written by Bach, Beethoven, or David Lanz, I am a Keyboarding Artist.

What are your thoughts on this line of thinking? Are you a Keyboarding Artist?

Dr. Bill Morgan

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